Locations up for Adoption

Billboard: Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL  - $1100/mo

Billboard: I-75 at Bonnie Oaks Exit, Chattanooga, TN - $2000/mo

Billboard: 25th Street & Keith Street, Cleveland, TN Rotary Network - $495/mo

The locations below are currently up for Adoption, however The Billboard Ministry would welcome the opportunity to go into any city that you would like to claim for seeking and saving the lost. Please contact us for billboard and advertising options and locations and rates for your city. We are working with many different companies which have various rates for the different options and locations. 

If you're not able to adopt a Billboard or other Advertising Options (i.e. Taxi Topper, etc), donations are appreciated in any amount.  God will Bless you according to your desire to give.  Please be assured that every penny you give to The Billboard Ministry will be used for that purpose. 

Billboard: I-75 in Tennessee 600 N/O GA Line - $1700/mo

NYC Taxi Topper Advertising Data:
• No. of Taxis: 11,000 (approx.)
• Impressions Per Taxi Per Day: 10,900 (approx.)

• Taxi Top: Range of $300 - $500 per ad per 4 week period per taxi.

Billboard: Keith Street at Walmart/Staples Entrance, Cleveland, TN - $400/mo

45,000 traffic count per day

Billboard: I-75 South in Tennessee  - $550/mo