About The Billboard Ministry


There is a wonderful feeling of joy and a sense of fulfilling your purpose in life when you are involved in rescuing souls.  The investments we make in time, energy, and financial resources will not be fully realized until we walk through the door of death to a larger and greater life.  That is when the lives we somehow touched will stand before us and The Father will give to us according to our labor.  Let us not be weary in well doing for we will have a reward if we don’t give up.  One sows the seed, another waters, and God will provide the increase.  


The Billboard Ministry is about saturating the world and reaching as many souls as possible with the message of forgiveness and reconciliation to God, our Father (John 14:6), and the promise of eternal life. 


The objective of this ministry is to present the message of the Gospel in a concise way, that even the young minds will be able to understand what sin is and why Jesus died for us.  I believe Ray Comfort at Living Waters and Cedric Hohnstadt, the creator of the cartoon tract and animation having been lead by The Spirit have accomplished this.


The eye-catching Mr. Nice Guy is a colorful cartoon character, that seems to ask the question “Are You A Good Person?”  The audience is then directed to the Test and See website where they'll be taken through a series of questions that'll bring them to the knowledge of sin.  (Psalm 19:7, Romans 3:20, 2 Corinthians 7:10)


We invite you to be Co-laborers together with us at www.livingwaters.comwww.freecartoontract.com, and www.BillboardMinistry.us.